NEVADA Judges Information

Availability & Assignments

Nevada uses GymJAS for our assigning system.  Please keep your availability and information updated.  You will not be assigned meets unless all of your information is current.  If you need to decline a meet or reschedule a meet please Julie Jay in the GymJAS system ASAP.  If you are new to the GymJAS system, you must first register before you can login.  For questions regarding assignments, please contact your Assigning Coordinator Julie Jay.  ​

Uniform , Attire & Pay Forms

All judges must wear the official NAWGJ uniform to all assigned meets: Navy skirt/pants and jacket, white blouse/shirt.  (Exception to the rule: Themed meets)  In NV it is the expectation that judges wear the official NAWGJ blazer purchased from Land's End NAWGJ store.  You have a 1 year grace period from your initial testing date to purchase the blazer.  For State Championships and above the blazer is required.  The national NAWGJ site has instructions on how to order the uniform with the proper badge placed on it.  Click Here for more information. Click the buttons below to view or download the according forms regarding judging pay and expenses.  

Rules, Codes, and Guidelines
As a judge, it is important to be up to date on all rules and policies governing our sport.  This includes the USA Gymnastics Rules & Policies, NAWGJ Code/Canons, and other state specific material used at meets.  Below you will find links to these important documents.


CPE and Education 
As a judge, you are required to obtain a certain number of CPE hours per year.  These hours vary depending on your rating and come from various sources: clinics, in-gym time, volunteer, practice judging, etc.  It is your responsibility to stay current and to submit your information annually.  If you are confused about CPE or are having trouble earning enough CPE credits, please contact Alex Hammond or Denise Jensen and they will help you.  


  • Clinical CPE hours will be defined as hours spent at a State, Regional or Nationally organized Congress, Clinic, Course or Symposium open to all. Judging and/or Coaching sessions will be designated "Approved for CPE". A certificate will be issued at the conclusion of an approved clinic by the Clinician or organizational personnel, or the clinician/organizer may sign a clinic CPE card or clinic CPE credit form per session.
  • A maximum number of CPE hours may be acquired for the following miscellaneous activities:

                             Coaching (6 hours)

                             In-gym with coaches and gymnasts (6 hours)
                             Volunteering (4 hours)
                             Video or live practice judging which has been pre-approved by the State Judging Director and/or the                                                              USA Gymnastics State Chairman.(3 hours)

** The USA Gymnastics National Office will conduct audits each year that requires randomly selected judges to provide actual documentation of their Continuing Professional Education as reported on this form.

Below you will find downloads of Annual, Multi-Track, and Card version of CPE forms.  The annual form should be submitted to Linda by May 31st of each year.  The multi-track and card CPE forms are for you to use to keep record of your activities throughout the year.  

CPE Clinic hours may also be earned for attending Live USA Gymnastics webinars that have been approved by the Technical Committee, as well as USA Gymnastics University Online Judging Courses.  A maximum of 1/2 of the annual required clinic hours may be earned by online courses per accreditation year.  

For more CPE information, please refer to Chapter 5 of the USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies.