How to Become a Gymnastics Judge

Welcome new judges!  Below you will find a comprehensive overview on how to become a women's gymnastics judge. Nevada is always looking for new enthusiastic judges to join our ranks.  Please click  links below  which should have all of the important information you'll need.  If you have any unanswered questions please contact our State Judging Director Alex Hammond.

Who Can Become A Judge? 
Anyone!  Current/Former Gymnasts, Coaches, Parents, or Super Fans can all test to become a judge.  

What Do I Need?
You will need to be a professional member with USA Gymnastics.  This entails a membership fee, safety certification, and background check.  Read more on the USAG site here:  
Become a Member

Once you are a member with USA Gymnastics, you will need to contact our State Judging Director , Alex Hammond, and introduce yourself! She will direct you to new judges information and let you know when the next test is.  Please note: Tests are only given during certain times of the year, you might need to wait before the next test.    

You will also need to become a member of NAWGJ through their national site: NAWGJ  This membership will be required only after you pass your test.  You will not be assigned any meets without both USAG and NAWGJ memberships.  

All judges must test to stay current and active in the system.  The rules of gymnastics change constantly so it is up to us to stay on top of them!  Judging tests are broken down by difficulty of level: Compulsory (Level 4-5), Level 7 & 8, Level 9, Level 10.  Beyond Level 10 are National and Brevet ranked judges.  These ranks can be acquired after a certain amount of time and by meeting certain criteria.  

As a new judge your first test will be the Compulsory Level 4-5 test.  If you are more experienced in gymnastics, you could also take your Level 7/8 test in the same year.  Only these two tests are available as a first year judge.  Judges are able to test up every 12 months to the next level.  If you do not pass your test on the first try you are allowed two retakes (4 attempts total per year).  

Required Materials
As a judge you will need a current copy of the JO Compulsory, JO Optional, and Xcel Code of Points.  These materials can be purchased from the USA Gymnastics Store: 
Click Here

Along with the paper version of the code, there are digital copies available on Apple Devices through the App Store (JO Compulsory) and iBooks (JO Optional & Xcel).